Professionals We Work With

Stand out and improve your clients’ lives by offering financial services while retaining the client relationship

Business Owners

Entrepreneurs achieve efficiency not only by how much sales goes up, but also by taking care of the business through their employees. Money is the leading cause of mental health issues nowadays and your employees are not exceptions. If their well-being is not at the best state, how else can your business be productive?

Flip My Client offers its expertise in employee retention consultancy and employee benefits programs modification through our financial planning services. We customize employee benefit plans that are suitable for your business and your employees.

Family Law Lawyers

In divorce or separation, Family Law Lawyers devote not only their time but also their emotional capacity in resolving family disputes. Addressing these issues from child support and custody down to property division, are all essential to achieving a good financial outlook post-divorce. Flip My Life can help provide useful financial plans and projections that will most importantly help your client.


A couple in a middle of divorce or separation most commonly differ in opinions in at least one of these three aspects– money, asset division, children. This often evolves into an argument which is detrimental to the success of the family mediation process. Flip My Life can help Mediators in this process by establishing a suitable financial plan that addresses the unique needs of both parties.

Collaborative Professionals

For professionals whose client require a financial professional to act as a neutral third party of their matter. I will educate both parties about their financial affairs, help prepare budgets and net worth statements, and provide useful projections to forecast various options for their future.

Investment Advisors

As an investment advisor, it is equally important to align investments with your client goals and also stay competitive. The hours of investment management requires leaves you little time or energy left to find ways to stand out. Are you looking into growing more consistently and getting past this roadblock?

Flip My Life offers goal-specific and area-specific financial planning that can save you the time you need. We can tailor financial plans focusing on your clients’ goals and also a combination of our 6 pillars – cash flow, insurance, investment, retirement, taxes, and wills.

Portfolio Managers

Are you a portfolio manager and would rather spend time on sales and relationship building than spend hours formulating your clients’ comprehensive financial plan? Consider outsourcing your comprehensive financial planning through Flip My Future. We can help you generate client-specific financial plans that cover cash flow, insurance, investment, retirement, taxes, and wills. Contact Flip My Life to see how you can invest your time better.

Insurance Advisors

As insurance advisers, time spent is time invested. But time is wasted when clients have trouble committing to their policies that lead to non-payments and cancellations. These cancellations have to be kept at bay and your time is better spent on sales, lead generation, and relationship management.

Flip My Life is perfect for your financial planning outsourcing needs. From budgeting and cash flow management, to a more comprehensive financial plan carefully designed for your clients, with you, and through you. Manage costs and time better without sacrificing your clients’ needs.


Did you ever have a buyer suddenly unsure of buying their first home because they just can’t make their budget out to fit? Or even a seller asking you if selling their property is the way to go for financial freedom? In both instances, you show hesitation because you aren’t sure what to say without compromising your credibility.

It’s time you get ahead of getting those questions again. Flip My Client can give you the competitive edge you are looking for. We can custom financial plans fit for your clients’ needs, from cash flow management to budgeting to insurance, or a mix of everything.

Mortgage Brokers

If you are a mortgage broker, you may be no stranger to clients not being able to pay off their mortgage because of unforeseen circumstances, hence, a loss on your part too. Of course, you know this is already out of your control but maybe you also knew from the start that your client needed to get their finances right. You did not just lose money, you lost your time too which could have been spent on prospective clients.

Flip My Client can help you manage the risk of scenarios like this happening again. We offer a range of financial planning services that best fit your clients which you can offer as a complimentary add-on service upon settlement. We can tailor a range of financial plans and offer them to your clients through you.

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