Meet Sarah

Over 10 Years of
Growing Wealth by Design

Hello friend!

For more than a decade, I’ve passionately studied the holistic elements of what optimizes a person’s wealth – investing, taxes, retirement, estate, insurance and cash flow.

I’m truly excited to have the opportunity to work with you and share the secrets I’ve learned from years of experience, hundreds of clients and some of the best financial minds on the planet I’ve had the privilege of working with.

To your financial Success!


Sarah’s Credentials

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A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a formal recognition of expertise in the areas of financial planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and retirement.
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A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst assists the client and his/her lawyer to understand how the financial decisions he/she makes today will impact the client’s financial future.
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A Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) is specially trained to provide separating or divorcing clients with an objective assessment of potential financial settlement scenarios.
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A CHS (Certified Health Insurance Specialist) is a professional financial advisor specializing in living benefits, including income replacement and risk management solutions for individuals, business owners and professionals.

About Flip My Life

For many Canadians, the pandemic has created a few jolting years and has left many with financial short & long-term uncertainty. If you can relate and feel your dreams of financial freedom are fading – I’m here to help you find true financial security & live the quality of life you deserve.

Flip My Financial Struggles, To Financial Freedom

At Flip My Life, every decision my team and I make is inspired by our vision ‘to help Canadians flip their financial struggles, into financial freedom and live a life they love’. As a certified wealth & financial planner, I’ll guide you step-by-step to take advantage of hidden opportunities to grow your money and avoid overspending on taxes, fees and interests.

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