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Portfolio Second Opinion

Does your mind ever lead you wondering what’s wrong with your portfolio?

Flip My Life will help you:

  1. Develop better understanding of your investments
  2. Get to know current and future investment risks to address
  3. Improve your portfolio vision with our unbiased review

Investment Options

Haven’t found the right professionals to manage your portfolio yet?

Flip My Life will help you:

  1. Identify what you are looking for and what you should be looking for in a team
  2. Introduce suitable fund companies and investment funds personally picked to match your investment style
  3. Develop the best team for you

Financial Plan Alignment

This service is our Portfolio Second Opinion and Investment Options services in one.

How we help get your financial plan into work:

  1. Identify your financial objectives, goals, and values
  2. Evaluate the suitability of your investment portfolio
  3. Integrate your portfolio and financial goals into a customized investment strategy
  4. Recommendations and follow through

Know your investment accounts

In investing, knowing where to invest comes first. This section will help you understand and get to know the types of investments that will help you accommodate your financial goals and investing style.

Investing 101

Along with understanding the importance of financial planning, one recognizes the need to choose one or a combination of investment accounts available. There are two categories–registered and non-registered. A registered investment account enjoys a tax-sheltered status from the government and comes with a list of restrictions that helps ensure the investment is utilized for its intended purpose.

Get to know more about your registered investment account options here.

Non-registered Investment Accounts

These are general investment accounts that allow you to invest a wide range of assets. Due to their non-registered status, they don’t have the same limits or regulations as the registered accounts. Having said that, income generated by this investment vehicle is subject to tax.

Considerations before opening an
investment account

Your investment goals

It is important to be clear about your investment objectives in choosing an investment account. This will help you choose the appropriate investment vehicle among the variety of options available to you, maximizing your gains and minimizing taxes.

Fees and charges

In choosing an investment, get to know and understand the fees and charges associated with your investment options. They are usually minimal, but over time they can have a major impact on your investment portfolio. Fees and charges may be charged upfront or on a recurring basis which commonly includes the management fees, brokerage fees, load fees, and commissions.

What the account can hold

This consideration is especially important in registered investment accounts. The Government imposes rules and regulations as to the limit, amount, and the type of investment you are allowed to purchase in your account. When working with a financial advisor, ensure that they are able to sell the investments you want.

Investments and Savings Accounts

Tax-Free Savings Account

Save for your big-ticket items or goals, tax-free.

Registered Retirement Savings
Plan (RRSP)

Grow your retirement savings faster by deferring your taxes.

Registered Education Savings
Plan (RESP)

Save for a child’s education with access to government grants and deferred taxes.

Registered Retirement Income
Fund (RRIF)

Keep deferring taxes on your retirement savings while enjoying the money you’ve saved.

Registered Disability Savings
Plan (RDSP)

Save for yourself or a loved one—if eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC).

Financial and Estate Planning

Some of our fund companies

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Benjamin Franklin

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