Personal Financial Planning

Cash Flow & Debt Management

Proper cash and debt management is the foundation of financial wellness and stability. It can be as simple as not monitoring where your money goes, which can have a snowballing effect on your long-term financial health. Flip My Life will help you kickstart your way to achieving your financial goals.

Retirement Planning

Everyone has a lifestyle goal we want to achieve after retirement. How eager you are to achieve this, is reflected by the amount of planning you do for your better years– your retirement. Flip My Life and its over 10 years of industry experience is your partner to making your retirement dreams into reality.

Risk Management

The key to facing any financial downturn is risk management. Flip My Life acknowledges the uniqueness of every individual and implements a personal approach to building a suitable financial plan; from getting to know the contributing factors to implementing a customized financial strategy.


Your financial wellness is not only dictated by how much you earn and how much you spend. There are many factors at play, many of which are beyond our control. The financial market is a friend to the prepared and a foe to the unaware. Working with a seasoned financial planner with a proven process, can navigate you through the complicated financial world.

Tax Planning

So many people unknowingly put themselves in disadvantageous tax positions. The key to avoid this is working with a team of professionals knowledgeable of the ins-and-outs of the tax system. You may even find yourself saving more than what you think!

Estate Planning

We spend our lives working for our future, growing our estate. Take your finances to an even better position by ensuring your loved ones enjoy your legacy the way you planned. We can help you build a plan and save on probate fees and taxes.


Flip My Budget

Rich is how much you make. Wealth is how much of it you are able to spend. The fine line between rich and wealth is discipline. Financial discipline goes as far as retirement planning or buying a new house but it starts with a financial budget. It is the roadmap towards your financial goals. A budget can shed light on your spending habits which are harmful to your financial health, whether you know it or not.

Flip My Budget will help you find the right balance between your income and expenses. We tailor a personal spending plan suitable for your financial goals.

Flip My Debt

Recent times have been proven to be tough for many and money is becoming tighter and tighter. Inflation and higher cost of living grows at a faster rate than how much we earn and becomes detrimental to our financial health, even more so for individuals already juggling debt. If this concern applies to you, then you should get in touch with someone that will help you in taking the first step.

Flip my Debt is your assistant in getting ahead of your debts through credit counseling and debt management planning. Here, you have nothing to lose – just debt.

Flip My Goal

Are you working on a new goal? Buying a new house? Planning your retirement? Building a family? Be a few steps ahead towards your vision through goal planning. Taking care of the financial aspect of your goals can lift so much burden off your plate.

Flip My Goal will help you understand the financial aspect of your goal and how it can be managed suitable to your needs and circumstances. Our team can help you map your way to your next milestone.

Flip My Focus

Life consists of endless decision-making, big or small, short-term or long-term. Many of these decisions involve money–from which food to buy today and paying bills to choosing the appropriate investment vehicles for you. Our team identified focus areas– the 6 pillars, for your long-term wealth management through Flip My Focus:

Cash flow management determines the achievability of your goals. This evaluates how your current and future cash flows impact your short-term and long-term goals.

The wide range of insurance products available ensures the mitigation of loss and encourages financial stability.

Understand available investment strategies according to your investment objectives and constraints and identify suitable investments for you.

Futureproof your wealth through retirement planning and income plans to reach your retirement goals.

Understand tax implications of your income sources and maximize eligible tax deductions and credits.

Manage your estate succession through probate planning, creditor proofing an estate, and other estate planning strategies.

Flip My Future

Among the 6 financial pillars, one can just identify certain pillars to focus wherein it is safe to say our financial health is being taken care of enough. Anyone can take a bigger step because we can never be too prepared when it comes to our finances. Flip My Future is a comprehensive financial plan that integrates all 6 financial pillars that covers all aspects of your life.

Flip My Family

Changes in life can be overwhelming. After a divorce or separation, many things are bound to change that will require ample getting used to. This includes a change in your financial situation. There may be certain income or expenses that come with a divorce or separation that would have not been an expense before and vice versa. Focus on rebuilding life financially after a divorce or separation. Flip My Family helps clients transition to a life with a shift in income and expenses. Our team will assist you each step towards your new chapter

Flip Our Family

Finding the right balance in the family’s finances already takes some work to do. Imagine how much more tricky and challenging it will be among blended families. There are a lot more factors at play– the mix of assets and debts, careers, varying financial habits, goals and vision, and not to mention, children from prior relationships. Our goal with the Flip Our Family financial plan is to find the right balance in all these, encourage open communication, and avoid past and future financial mistakes.

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