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You need the whole picture.

We often ask clients how a comprehensive financial plan looks for them. The answers vary across the board, as everyone has a different point of view. Some people prioritizes only having a good and positive cash flow to managing assets and investments. Tax planning, insurance planning and estate planning, among other things, are seldom taken into consideration.

Cash flow analysis, budgeting, retirement planning, and asset management sounds so all-encompassing, but the lack of complete understanding of how far comprehensive financial planning goes leaves some important issues ignored.

Flip My Life defines a comprehensive financial planning as a long-term wealth management involving 6 pillars:

Cash flow management determines the achievability of your goals. This evaluates how your current and future cash flows impact your short-term and long-term goals.

The wide range of insurance products available ensures the mitigation of loss and encourages financial stability.

Understand available investment strategies according to your investment objectives and constraints and identify suitable investments for you.

Futureproof your wealth through retirement planning and income plans to reach your retirement goals.

Understand tax implications of your income sources and maximize eligible tax deductions and credits.

Manage your estate succession through probate planning, creditor proofing an estate, and other estate planning strategies.

Flip My Future offers an all-in-one financial plan that integrates the 6 pillars that covers all financial aspects of your life.


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