Child Legacy Builder Plan

Every parent dreams of securing a brighter future for their child, but balancing that dream with concerns about retirement can be overwhelming. What if there was a way to ensure both?

Enter the Child’s Legacy Builder Program — a pathway to building a lasting financial legacy for your child while safeguarding your own future. By harnessing the timeless principles of the Time Value of Money and the Power of Compound Interest, this program offers a simple yet powerful strategy.

Imagine starting a modest account today, knowing it has the potential to blossom into a million-dollar nest egg by your child’s retirement. It’s not about being wealthy; it’s about empowering your family with financial security for generations to come.

With the Child’s Legacy Builder Program, you’re not just investing in your child’s future; you’re shaping a legacy of prosperity and abundance. Let’s redefine legacy together and give your child the ultimate gift—a secure and prosperous future.

It’s time to build a legacy that lasts. Embrace the Child’s Legacy Builder Program and pave the way for a future filled with abundance and security.

The Child Legacy Builder Plan is a powerful tool that not only shields your child from life’s uncertainties but also serves as a springboard for their future success. By investing in this plan, you’re not just purchasing protection; you’re laying the foundation for your child’s financial prosperity.

Picture this: with your monthly investment, you’re not only ensuring your child’s safety net but also building a cash reserve that grows over time. This reserve can be tapped into for crucial life milestones like education, purchasing a home, starting a business or even as a supplement for their retirement.

You’re not just securing their tomorrow; you’re investing in a lifetime of opportunities and peace of mind for you and your child.


Business Venture

First Home


Benefits of a Child Legacy Builder Plan

The cash values within this plan offer versatile financial resources for your child’s lifetime needs, including but not limited to education funding, a deposit towards their first home, kickstarting a business venture, or even ensuring financial stability for their future family. The possibilities are endless!

Get ahead

You can start the plan for your child as early as 14 days after birth.


It’s a simple online application that parents and grandparents can open.


Your child will have permanently coverage for life.


Cash values to fund any education program the world.


Your child will have access to money and that creates endless opportunities.


You can transfer this plan tax-free to your child anytime after they turn 18.


Your child can use their cash values for any financial need in their life.


Your monthly contributions don’t increase.


You can fully fund the plan in 5, 10 or 20 years. No additional deposits will ever be required.


Your legacy will last not only for your child but future generations.

Empower Your Child’s Tomorrow, Secure Your Family’s Legacy Today

Investing in an RESP is just the beginning. While education is crucial, it’s equally important to lay a strong financial foundation that extends far beyond tuition fees. Many parents mistakenly believe that an RESP is sufficient, but successful families understand the need for a comprehensive plan.

A smart financial strategy can support your child’s dreams of homeownership, entrepreneurship, and even tax-free retirement. Discover how you can pave the way for your child or grandchild’s bright financial future today.

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